100 Days of Laughter challenge – Day 25

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

I was at Mom’s place to attend a friend’s wedding reception. We were talking to my bro who lives near to my place in Mumbai. Mom was telling him about the gajar halwa (sweet cuisine) that she was sending for him through me. He lives in hostel, so ..you know how Moms feel for their children living away and eating hostel food 😉 . So my bro demands to send some more snack items too along with that. Now dad had already gone out to buy something, so we call him to tell about his son’s demands 😀 . So bro has asked to send laddoos which is conveyed to Dad. He asks in return which flavour and lists four of them. So we have two people talking on two mobiles. Five minutes pass like this, both of us acting as messengers 😀 . Finally a bit irritated, we join the two mobiles and tell them to go ahead and talk to each other… 😀 And they are like hello hello…can’t hear…hello… After two minutes, we give up and talk separately. I tell bro about our brilliant idea which didn’t work…when he says…you should have kept it on loudspeaker..how else will it work… 😀 God..we laugh and laugh at my peabrain till my belly aches with all that laughing…and still I can’t stop it 😀


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