Rain dance


She loved
dancing in the rain
until the day
it reached her eyes
it was sad
to see her
cringing away
every time
it rained
since then

The Birthday That Never Was

A brave and poignant tale narrating the woman’s side in an abortion…and the choice of having a baby that should only be her’s.

Stories that Must Not Die

This post was submitted anonymously.

I had an abortion. That makes me a bad person. Those sanctimonious know-it-alls holding up signs and killing abortion doctors think I’m a killer and they’re probably right. I’m a baby-killer. But, they don’t know what it’s like. They don’t know what it means to carry that.

Every once in a while, I think about that life that ended before it began. I do the math to see how old it would be now. It would be a fully-grown adult, old enough to have kids of his or her own.

I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t bring a child born of this blood into this world. Not with my past. Not with my family history. Not with my mental illnesses, hereditary legacy, and not with a mother like me.

If I could choose whether or not my own mother would have me, there are times…

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100 days of laughter challenge – day 29

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

Sometimes the silliest of jokes starts the laughing. As if the brain needs to rejuvenate from all the pressure being put on it daily. Today, it was a PJ on watsapp about a husband and wife. I am shameslessly translating and duplicating it here though probably many of you might’ve read it. Messages on watsapp do go around like wild fire. Here it goes:

[Insert lots of smileys before the joke actually starts] (its like those comedy shows which have fake laughter in the background after every dumb joke they make)…

So anyways, let me start again…(I’m not going to insert those smileys again..don’t worry ;))

Wife to husband: I love you….I can’t live without you….I will die…drink poison…in your love… (…just realized I’m a worst translator…anyways…)

Husband to wife: Do as you think fit my dear…

Guess, he must be the most obedient husband in the world 😀 😀

Thats how husbands are !!?? 😀


This post is dedicated to my friends and blogger mates who thought of nominating me for awards 🙂 . I won’t be following any rules, but couldn’t let it pass without any acknowledgement. Awards are always welcome and encouraging. Thank you all of you for the support, not only through these awards, but through your comments and interaction. Blogging has taken life to a different level and am damn glad about it.

  1.  Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by Michele @ Step Times Two – Thank you Michele. Though we haven’t interacted much, I like your poetry and read it whenever I can 🙂
  2. Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Sugar @ Sugar-coating since ’91 – Thank you for the special attention my anonymous friend Sugar 😛 …hope this new year finds you well.
  3. Premio Dardos Award by Ruth @ I-read – Another new friend at WP. Thank you for your words Ruth 🙂
  4. Versatile Blogger Award by Moses @ Fiction Limbo whom I’ve known thanks to Jithin and his flash fiction chains.
  5. Premio Dardos and The very (not so) inspiring Award 😉 by my good friend Anoop @ Tranquil yet Alive whose rants about car stuff are a total bouncer to me 😉 . But he writes good fiction. Thanks Anoop 🙂
  6. Versatile Blogger Award again by a recent friend Shashank @ 4yearoldadult – don’t be fooled by his blog name..he writes good poetry as I understood from our recent rhyme chat 😉

The end finally!! I’ve been procrastinating this post for almost a month now. Probably coz lots of changes to be faced soon, and though change is good and nourishing most of the time, the partings can be painful. But enough diversions. Thank you once again. Keep writing and inspiring 🙂

A perfect life

If you have everything you need
a perfect life it would seem to be
But wouldn’t it be a blander version
without struggles worthy of mention
Would their be a glorious tale of victory
if everything you get was easy
Would you feel like a winner in the end
or would it be just another task completed
Where from such ideal life would you go
if you have nothing worthy to strive for anymore

Of the memories awoken

The mood of the day is pensive. Has been since I woke up from a vivid dream of someone I’ve lost years ago. My grandma. No idea what triggered it. She still seemed so real in the dream when my mom was telling her, showing her in fact, how much we miss her. How much empty our lives have been since she left. In that moment I felt she was still here, with us. That’s when the dream broke. For some time, it was difficult to distinguish the dream from real life. And then the mind jumped ten years back to one of the most painful days yet. And the time that followed. And the lives that got scattered and driven apart. And the friends who failed to realize the depth of sorrow. And the bonds that loosened even further. All of it came back. It is the realization how life could have been different if she still had been with us today, that hits me deep everytime.

I have no idea why am putting it here today. Definitely don’t want sympathy. Maybe because sharing eases some of the pain.