Not clones

Friends…do check ourselves if you are doing the same mistakes…I think many, including me, will realize that sometimes we judge people, without even realizing it or when we have no need to do so..or without even thinking about their reasons..

Shail's Nest

One day I was taking an after dinner stroll on the terrace of my house when I saw bright colorful sparks lighting up the distant sky. Fireworks! It was the festival season and some temple or other was having a display as part of the celebration. I debated whether to go down and get my camera. It was a good opportunity to hone one’s skills at capturing lights in the night sky. But the fact of the matter was that the distance was too great. Besides, the whole show was sure to get over by the time I rushed downstairs got the camera, and huffed and puffed my way back. So I chose to simply watch. That’s when the answer came to me to something that had been in my mind for a long time.

To know what that was, one needs to rewind to a time months back, and a conversation…

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13 thoughts on “Not clones

  1. I just lunched a writing competition in a Nigerian university and i would love you to be one of the international judges! All the work involved is to read the long listed stories (Five) and pick which one you think should win the competition! More details is on my homepage 🙂 pls accept my offer.

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    • Kelvin.. 🙂 what a great morning surprise you have given me..thank you..I am totally in, though have never been a judge on anything 😀 still new to writing..also tell me if their is any time limit involved in which the stories have to be read and finalized..right now am going through a bit busy transition period, so don’t want your competition to get affected because of me..cheers..have a great day 🙂

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