Of smiles

I just thought about this yesterday, and feeling it important, putting it here for you guys to think on it.
How many of us actually still smile seeing our family members or close people whom we live with?
They may be friends..family..spouse and so on. But do you smile at them after say coming from work, meeting at the end of the day? Do you smile when you leave for work in a rush because you are in a hurry? How many of us are glad at the end of the day and feel lucky to have survived today to see them again? How many of us smile at them and make it known to them that… yes I am happy to see you..
Do we think in these terms?
I don’t think so. We go on with our daily routines. New things keep cropping up at work or home probably. And we are entangled in those issues that these people just become a part of existence. I am purposely not saying “living” here, because that isn’t what is happening. Probably many of you might not agree with me, but I just wanted to put this thought for you all to ruminate on.

8 thoughts on “Of smiles

  1. Thank you for posting this healthy food for thought. I recently found out about a thing where people choose a word for the New Year instead of resolutions and I chose “Love” as my word. This is a much harder mission that it appears. I go into it a bit here: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2015/01/06/old-self-new-year-beware-of-the-big-bad-wolf/
    I haven’t been so concerned with the indifference we can experience with those we see all the time but rather conflict, division, anger in our homes and beyond. I live in Sydney and the siege in the Lindy Cafe and the Pakistan Massacre hit hard. Now, there are the awful events in Paris. There is such a strong need for love in our world and for that love to turn around the hatred expressed through such violence.

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  2. I do say “see you later” to each family member (including pets) at home before leaving for work each and every time. I also acknowledge each one when I arrive home. I know all too well that a return is not guaranteed.

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  3. My dear friend,

    What a gorgeous post! You are right on the money, a smile is a game changer! It seems small but it isn’t, not at all. How wise of you to share this. 🙂

    I remember when my son was small (he’s 17 now, bigger than me, haha!) but when he was 2 years old or so, I heard somewhere that a child registers immediately how you feel about him when you first see each other, say to pick him up from the babysitter or first thing in the morning, etc. And I never forgot that. I smile immediately when I see him to this day because I want him to know I love him right away no questions asked. Even if I have to look ‘up’ to do it! 🙂

    Thank you for this beautiful start to the day.

    Peace and light, always,


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