Hopeful Transitions – Part 2

So fed up,
the same old words
the same old games
the same old people
the same old names

So fed up,
the same old masks
the same old hiding
the same old lies
the same old scheming

So am leaving all of this,
in search of genuine feelings
in search of faces without masks
in search of a peace long lost
in search of work to touch my heart

So pray for me,
that this time I may be right
for this change that feels right
so this turn may set life right
and this turmoil becomes alright


22 thoughts on “Hopeful Transitions – Part 2

  1. Very powerful poem..wish you all the luck..

    Rust takes no time to settle,
    Must take no time to Mettle.


    It takes more time for hopes,
    to cross away a few mopes.

    In this age of Marathon life, It takes few discouragements to boil down every dream crashing..its very important to never lose innocence, the hope..and be positive at making/accepting/searching chances..the unsettling new factor in life..

    Your poem inspired me to write a few lines…so, its proven..its indeed powerful:p


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