Tales of forgetfulness – 1

I think I won’t have any problem finding material to write here πŸ˜€ . Being chronically forgetful myself, I will be sharing my short tales here. Lets see if they make you laugh even if I didn’t at the time.. πŸ˜‰

So this is almost an year back when we had recently shifted to a new home and getting used to stuff. Instead of old fashioned windows, this one had sliding doors in each room. We had frequent feathered visitors there, though most of them were pigeons which was annoying.

So, this one day, hubby is in office and I am at home lazily spending my weekend off in bedroom. For some reason, probably to make more tea (having no inclination to cook I survive on tea on the weekends πŸ˜‰ ), I went to kitchen. And there it was. A pigeon sitting on the bed in my hall !! And the worst part…the sliding doors were closed, so it must have come from a small side window. Β Now I love birds, but that is to watch them from a distance. And not when they intrude on my turf !

So, here I was, trying to shoo away the pigeon through that small space instead of enjoying my book. It suddenly took off…started to hover or fly or whatever in the hall. And I ran to the kitchen, into the balcony adjoining and closed the sliding door to avoid it further coming my way.

Imagine what could have happened…

I had completely closed the door forgetting –

1. that I was alone in the house

2. that the main door was locked from inside by me

3. that the sliding door could not be opened from outside

[Facepalms] on the sheer stupidity… πŸ˜€

Thankfully it was not the glass door I closed, but one with a mesh. And thankfully I had a stick. So after trying all possible ways of opening it, including getting up on the railing on theΒ 22nd floor of the building to try to put my hand through the exhaust space…[don’t ask…was scared like hell at the time.. which reduces common sense I guess πŸ˜‰ ]

So finally I tore the mesh partly with the stick and got out.

And the bloody pigeon had alreadyΒ gone by then!


29 thoughts on “Tales of forgetfulness – 1

  1. Hahahahhaah!!! Sliding doors are a pain! Happy shuts me out everytime I go to hang clothes and MIL has to rush to rescue me from the balcony!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

    Glad you could escape by tearing the mesh apart. Horror would be if it was the glass sliding, no stick, 22nd floor and no phone! **shiver**

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  2. The problem happens, when you close the sliding from outside, with lock on inside..the moment you strike it, you gets locked up..

    And you then invariable put on your plastic smile on pass-byers, as you feel shy to disclose your stupidity, of having locked up yourself in your own balcony..

    hehe, that happened with me..and I waited till my dad caught me lingering at balcony.. :d


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