100 days of laughter challenge – Day 27

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

I was sitting at my workplace and doing some work. No..its not obvious..sometimes I don’t do work at the workplace 😉 ..Anyways I was working and their was some conversation going on among two colleagues. Bits of it falling on my ear and getting registered in the brain automatically. Here is the excerpt of what happened as a result of my half hearing.. 😀

C1 (colleague 1): ….he took off with the finger of the mahut (Rider of elephant ..as said in India)

C2: ….yeah similar incident happened in North-east..

Now my ears were fully cocked to what they were talking… focus on work lost 😉

Me: Who took off with the finger…elephant (confused me..thinking how can an elephant take off a small finger…convinced myself thinking sometimes the elephant goes crazy n all)

C1: not the elephant…the tiger..

Me: what tiger..

C1: [Explaining the whole incident fully] The mahut was on the elephant when tiger attacked from behind…leapt over the elephant and the mahut barely missed the attack, though losing his finger in the process..Der is a whole video on it..

Me: Oh..thats what I was thinking..how can elephant manage to bite a small finger..

C1: [grinning at me] very smart!!

I had no reply to that 😀 other than well laughing at his smartass comment…this is what half hearing leads too 😀 😉


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