100 Days of laughter challenge – Day 28

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

I was sitting in office and doing some work …really this time 😉 , when their was a ping indicating some new mail had been received in the mailbox. There was a mail from my boss (about whom I have written in two posts earlier.). The title read that I had to give a training about some topic to one of my new colleagues by so n so date. I opened the mail to read it further and waited for the content to appear. Nothing!! The mail was blank. So, confused, I asked to another colleague who was marked in the mail. He too confirmed the same.

In short, our boss had written all he had to convey to us, in the title of the mail… not bothering to write anything in the actual mail (no text..no signature..no regards :D) !!  How lazy one can be… 😉 😀


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