A Poet’s Legacy

Loved this one.. 🙂

Gathering Stones Strung on Threads

Laura Lein-Svencner lonecrowart.blogspot.comLaura Lein-Svencner

We measure our lives
in years not in moments
much as we measure homes
by square feet not tenderness
Measure our wealth as net worth
not accumulated forgiveness
Measure work by rewards
not as gift’s expression
We measure wrong

The best of poetry
is not found in books
bound & lined on a shelf
It flutters around in its sheaf
or often in its but random lines
seeking some niche or crevice
a little space unnoticed
that will go undusted
til we’re long gone

I would my legacy
to remain a mystery
Not a noble neat estate
fenced off by an iron gate
but a dusty cottage in a wood
where some worn wand’rer
stopped for a cup of tea
sees the sunlight fall
on one musty line

“Our lives are full of interstices . . .” ~ Umberto Eco

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