Of mind jumps

We just had our lunch in the office, a small group of people as most of the colleagues are out on some or the other work. We cleared the lunch area and went towards the wash basin. Surprisingly a young colleague was washing his plate. Since a boy comes every day to do this job, I asked him why he was doing it, to which he replied “I like washing my own plate”. The admission was pleasantly surprising since neither of us thought about it, which this young kid did….self reliance. It also made me realize that until some days ago all of us were also keeping our tiffins to be washed after the lunch. One of the things that make me feel ashamed now, for being a part of it.

Anyways, thinking about this kid’s act brought long back memories of a camp I had gone in school days. We used to wash our own plates and most of the work half of which we wouldn’t be doing at home. Again…Self reliance!! On one such day in that camp, after repeated warnings to us kids not to keep any leftovers in the plate and waste food, and still not being complied with, the organizers did something we could never have thought of. One of the guys checked each and every kid’s plate before they went to washing area, took all the leftover in his own plate!! And ate all of it!! I don’t have a habit of wasting food, thanks to my mom, but I can still remember the burning shame seeing his action. That is one of the memories of that camp etched in the mind till today.

And as to what connection the first para of this post has with the second para 🙂 well just a mind jump..and the places it reaches. In a fraction of second, I was in a 17 year old memory… 🙂


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