Sunshines – lost n found

She is his sunshine
His love making her soar high
His touch that made her feel loved
His words that touched her heart

She was his sunshine
His smile no longer blooming seeing her
His eyes that made her feel invisible
His words lost in a sea of diversions

She became her own sunshine
Her courage to not give up yet
Her efforts to not lose herself
Her fierce passion to live life nonetheless

To all the lost sunshines
you are your own warmth n light
To those who rejected it
its a loss that you may regret yet

P.S.: Re-blogging this post wasn’t enough it seems, I also needed to write something of my own about it.


14 thoughts on “Sunshines – lost n found

  1. Read the original too. Life is so playful, isn’t it? It’s like it gives you a candy, but when you’re about to get to the sweet center it takes it back teasing you with it. Life can be so cruel. It gives you great joy then reels it back in, inflicting much deeper pain. Makes you think, at times, to stay stagnant and not to give in to so much greatness. But that’s what life is. It throws you a curve ball. It makes you bite to opportunities. It’s make it exciting, and meaningful. It gives you faith. It’s making you have that room for growth.

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