This post is dedicated to my friends and blogger mates who thought of nominating me for awards 🙂 . I won’t be following any rules, but couldn’t let it pass without any acknowledgement. Awards are always welcome and encouraging. Thank you all of you for the support, not only through these awards, but through your comments and interaction. Blogging has taken life to a different level and am damn glad about it.

  1.  Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by Michele @ Step Times Two – Thank you Michele. Though we haven’t interacted much, I like your poetry and read it whenever I can 🙂
  2. Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Sugar @ Sugar-coating since ’91 – Thank you for the special attention my anonymous friend Sugar 😛 …hope this new year finds you well.
  3. Premio Dardos Award by Ruth @ I-read – Another new friend at WP. Thank you for your words Ruth 🙂
  4. Versatile Blogger Award by Moses @ Fiction Limbo whom I’ve known thanks to Jithin and his flash fiction chains.
  5. Premio Dardos and The very (not so) inspiring Award 😉 by my good friend Anoop @ Tranquil yet Alive whose rants about car stuff are a total bouncer to me 😉 . But he writes good fiction. Thanks Anoop 🙂
  6. Versatile Blogger Award again by a recent friend Shashank @ 4yearoldadult – don’t be fooled by his blog name..he writes good poetry as I understood from our recent rhyme chat 😉

The end finally!! I’ve been procrastinating this post for almost a month now. Probably coz lots of changes to be faced soon, and though change is good and nourishing most of the time, the partings can be painful. But enough diversions. Thank you once again. Keep writing and inspiring 🙂


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