Self inspiration

It is so easy to lose inspiration
by the daily small defeats
by the daily wrongs seen
by the need to fit in
by the same old routine

It is so easy to lose inspiration
to get ready for the next battle
to sow the seeds of compassion
to remember your true self
to avoid your cheese be moved unawares

But each time you give in
each time you feel it wrong
each time you still do it
is a part of you that you kill

So try standing up again
try taking the next small step
see if it doesn’t boost your courage
see if your spirit doesn’t rejoice again
see if it feels to have chosen the right way


Rambling about the continuing story

Adam n Eve…through a woman’s perspective…bravo..

Shail's Nest

Today’s is a cheat-post as I had a long day and am too tired to write something new, also because I have not posted this verse here at Shail’s Nest, but most of all because of another reason. When I first wrote this (it was for a poetry week whose topic was Adam and Eve), I was rather pleased as punch for having pulled off a tongue-in-cheek and what I believed to be a creative verse that fit the theme for the week. But… the first person I showed it to was silent for a long time that I was alarmed. Was it bad?

Then I was told that too many of my posts are about gender issues. My jaw dropped to the floor. It is my belief that I do NOT write enough of them, not as much as I would like. Anyways… I made it a point to go and check, and as…

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All I see around are layers
of big fat lies by each of us
trying to fit in, being the same
covering the differences within
of uniqueness, for fear
of being judged, of being seen
as who we really are
as if that would be a bad thing
and yet casting opinions
on those daring to be different

All I see around are layers
they make me sick of myself
for being less than true to me
I don’t want to peel them off though
I don’t have the patience to be gentle
they’ll be shred to pieces one day
and I’ll be proud to show myself
when I finally accept the person
that I am, not who I should be


My mind
with a mind of its own
has a habit
to run behind him
without minding
its own business

On a completely different note….

There are things
doing which you can’t
be distracted
do you suppose
they are the ones
you are meant to do
I do wonder many times
what is my role here
what is the best that I can do
the best I can be
what am I supposed to be
and it seems to me
if you are not distracted
by petty things around
then that is what
you care enough
that is what
gives you the joy
of doing, of being
of connecting
with yourself

P.S. Two different topics based on the same theme ….Distractions…



What a mask I wear
Sometimes fooling even myself
It has become such a perfect fit
An epitome of how I should be

What a mask I wear
even from the closest of all
they think they all know me
or perhaps the mask that I want them to see

What a mask I wear
it is suffocating me inside
if I ever tear it to shreds
I wonder, will they like me even then

Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) Monastery in Crete, Greece

🙂 An unexpected surprise by a blogger friend who is having a gala time in Greece.. 😉 thanks for the mention Rommel..

The Sophomore Slump

It has been cold, cold, cold here in a famous Summer destination, Crete, Greece. Right now, it is actually raining with snows. I’m talking all over Crete, and not just on high mountains. My landlord said it was only the first time in 10 years.

Luckily last weekend, we did get to borrow a little bit of sunshine. And so, we took advantage of it!

Agia Triada Monastery

Hurry up! Let’s go…


The Sophomore Slump Recommends

Movie: And my choice for the upcoming Oscar is Birdman to snag Best Picture, Best Director (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu – tough competition against Boyhood), Best Actor (Michael Keaton – very deserving), Best Actress (Emma Stone – long shot), and Best Screenplay. 

Say what!!?? Who hates bloggers? The actual clip is only up to 1:33.

Music: Z by My Morning Jacket – Looking for the best air drums play? My Morning Jacket and their album Z might be your best bet.


Agia Triada Monastery

As soon as you enter the gate, you will be…

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