Tales of forgetfulness – 2

Sometimes a long gap in the daily routine makes us forget things we did when we restart that routine. Or perhaps important things like email id ..account passwords. I have felt completely lost many times after returning from vacation about such things which we keep only in memory.

So I was on a long Diwali vacation and had gone out of station to my in-laws. Its a completely different lifestyle there and mobile was my only saviour to be in touch with internet. After returning and having a good day’s rest, I was getting ready to leave for the office, checking things to carry with me in the back of the mind…mobile..check..hanky..check..earplugs..check..wallet..check..All done!! Thinking that, I happily left for office and travelled for around 45 min. Only as I entered the office premises gate, it struck me that I had forgotten to bring the single most important thing…my laptop!! Well, technically the company’s laptop. And my whole work revolves around it! Still I entered office, punched in and waited for boss..nervous as a kid who is about to give some horrible confession.. The minute he entered, I told him about it and asked him whether I should go back home (a shitty drive of 45 min of bike) or can use one of the spare laptops for this day. To my luck, he agreed with the second and my drive was avoided 😀 😀


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