Rambling about the continuing story

Adam n Eve…through a woman’s perspective…bravo..

Shail's Nest

Today’s is a cheat-post as I had a long day and am too tired to write something new, also because I have not posted this verse here at Shail’s Nest, but most of all because of another reason. When I first wrote this (it was for a poetry week whose topic was Adam and Eve), I was rather pleased as punch for having pulled off a tongue-in-cheek and what I believed to be a creative verse that fit the theme for the week. But… the first person I showed it to was silent for a long time that I was alarmed. Was it bad?

Then I was told that too many of my posts are about gender issues. My jaw dropped to the floor. It is my belief that I do NOT write enough of them, not as much as I would like. Anyways… I made it a point to go and check, and as…

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