Venturing ahead
towards a new day
to the city skyline
the heart shrinking away
curse these cement jungles
with its smoky congested lanes
see those far away mountains
that is where lies my real way..


Why is it

Why is it, things feel incomplete sometimes
though everything you want is all around

Why is it, the call of unknown feels exciting
though the daily routine is no less satisfying

Why is it, the soul itself feels restless
though we try to lure it to favourite things

Why is it, the need of creation is so potent
though the work I do is no less important

Why is it, that I feel the urge to write
though it is more a need than a habit

Why is it, the emotions swing like a pendulum
though that doesn’t mean they are in equilibrium

Why is it, that I cannot find a suitable ending
though there are still more questions pending

I met Happiness


We sat across each other
Sipping on a cup of tea I asked
Happiness where it was lost
It forcefully managed a smile
And barely whispered “I have
Lost my space, fading away in
This world tired of fighting all
The hate and anger people feed”
I sigh and ask softly if it would
Keep trying for my humanity’s sake
And others who desperately wanted
To see more moonlit sky and stars
More shiny eyes and kids running
Playing in fields and open spaces
It asks me why would I ask for
Such a thing don’t I see around
I gently hold its hands and smile
“Look around you there is still hope
There maybe few like me who want
Real happiness to dance across faces
To take away those tears from eyes
Those little kids who still can be
Protected and guided are our hope
Please embrace them…

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