Twists of Love

I have been nominated by Umber to share “Love” (in ten lines of four words each). Thank you girl. The four words was a difficult part but here is my take on it at the present. It may change later, but right now I am not very much in love with love.

I don’t know anymore
how to love anyone
without getting lost myself
in sea of expectation
I don’t know anymore
is selfless love possible
or that my idea
is probably wrong one
I don’t know anymore
my heart is numb

And I would like if my friends below shared their views on Love…

A Wandering Storyteller


Sam Rappaz

Twilight Star 




13 thoughts on “Twists of Love

  1. Oh! Saya we all feel like that at some point or other, the way we perceive love aloso changes with time. I Think you done it beautifully! But I do hope you love finds you soon😊

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  2. Awh I can relate to the expectations part because that is something I, myself have been struggling with…And As you know I write a blog named ‘Life Confusions’ so I don’t have the answer to that yet either..Still confused and lost 😛

    And thanks for the challenge, I can’t wait to share my views on it 😀
    But man guideline is going to be a tough nut to crack for me!

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  3. A beautiful take on love that is from the heart. I can relate to how you feel. While love is a strong emotion and so much of the world revolves around it, i too sometimes find the popular definition cheesy.


  4. Thanks for the tag! Unfortunately I, like yourself, am NOT feeling the love right now.

    But I hope to again someday. And I hope that for you even sooner, my friend.

    I will write you a love poem as soon as I have something positive to say….

    Until then, we laugh through the tears…

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