100 days of laughter challenge – day 30

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

Its been quite sometime since I wrote this one…and this is a gem of an episode.. 😀 just thinking about it makes me laugh at myself. So, we i.e. me n hubby came back from some grocery shopping and were about to go to our home, that is when I remembered that I had seen one of my favourite tree known as Prajakta or Parijatak (known as Night-flowering jasmine) in our society compund. The flowers bloom at night and they have a lovely fragrance..here is a pic…lovely aren’t they..


So, I dragged hubby to the place to show it to him as well as hoping I might find a fallen flower or two to take home 🙂 . But no such luck! Even after shaking the tree a bit!! Anyways, I started towards the lift when hubby told me to go home alone saying he had remembered some work. So I took the key, entered the lift. The first thing I noticed was that their was some soft music playing in the lift which is absent normally. Wondering about it a bit, I got out at our floor noticing then that the door of the lift had to be pulled with more force than I normally have to. Just then my attention went to our side of the flat. On every flat their are four flats, and our side had someone’s shoe rack!! Just that morning we had shifted our shoe rack from out to inside the flat. So my first thought was, it was the neighbor’s shoe rack. Then I got annoyed thinking why couldn’t they use the space in front of their flat and also thought about asking them immediately. But thinking better I thought to first enter our home, when a new surprise waited there. Our door had a latch and a lock. This one had just latch!! Now I was thoroughly confused as to what had happened…even mentally checked if I got down on the correct floor (I tend to confuse floors b/w our many homes and offices.. 😀 ). But the floor was right!! Finally I decided it better to go down and wait for hubby.

Just as I got out of the lift, he was there… laughing like crazy. Then I realized…I had gone in the other wing of the same building which is like a mirror image of this one 😀 😀 . And the rogue had realized my mistake and still didn’t stop me… Above that he says..I should’ve been on the other side (that is our wing) just to see your expression..and I’m like yeah..now you see if you get to enter the house 😀


12 thoughts on “100 days of laughter challenge – day 30

  1. Yeah yeah..It may have made me laugh..but didn’t, because have gone through same pain (in my case eigth floor w/o lift) so its hard to laugh on my own folly you see 😀

    Ps: You invited for a whole-hearted laugh at >> https://greenridebikers.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/bharatpur-bird-sanctuary-a-tourist-guide/ Don’t read the entire blog, its kinda-boring (only read last two paras “The Problem” and “The Solution” (you are invited to get annoyed)


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