Speechless over how criminals think

Do watch this video that was banned in India about the Delhi 2012 gang rape..see how the perpetrators and their lawyers think…try not to get disgusted..realize how big a battle this is going to be..

Regular Indian Girl!

Where do I start?

Everybody knows what Delhi Gangrape was. How the girl was raped. Beaten. Violated. Humiliated. Killed. We have concluded that those people who did that to her are monsters. They deserve death. The juvenile too. After all, if he is mature enough to rape, he is big enough to be hanged. But what is the real monster? Rapist? Uneducation? Social setup? Mindset?

What gets me in shock is the BBC documentary. Yes, it was banned. I saw the footage on youtube.

I am still gathering my thoughts. But have to put them down as they come. The first thing that hit me is “he is not repentant at all.” After being sentenced to death. After having seen what the crime symbolises in India, today.

He still believes that women are responsible for rapes. That women need to be in their limits. they are meant for housework and…

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2 thoughts on “Speechless over how criminals think

  1. Someone pointed out that Maharashtra has a much lower per-capita crime (including rape) than UK… the lens we use to judge the two are very different


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