Defining Happiness (and trying to find it)

What a lovely definition of happiness…loved the post… 🙂


When I was growing up in India, I experienced this strange phenomenon of treading two different worlds. There was the world of my parents – reasonable, democratic people open to new ideas and aware of the outside world. There was the world of my relatives – all of my dad’s and mom’s siblings – which was mired in regressive traditions, superstition, dogma, and close mindedness.

There was the world of books – where Nancy Drew is smart, courageous, and loves solving mysteries so much that she often endangers herself.  There was our neighborhood and social circle where girls were raised with the singular aim of ‘remaining safe’ and winning a ‘good husband’ (who would continue to keep her safe from the world).

And thus, I grew up (surrounded by our extended family and practically live-in guests) in a house full of people with diametrically opposing views and contradictions. My parents seemed…

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