Start of a new life

Life certainly has changed since the start of this year. It all started with a harmless uploading of resume to research position that I thought I was eligible for. Working in a corporate culture for half a decade and with hardly any research experience, it was very doubtful whether I would qualify enough to be called for interview. Thus, the resume was submitted and quickly forgotten. And on I went with the daily routine and company life, about which their was not a single colleague who was happy to be at that company. We made a good group though, supported each other, bitched about the boss πŸ˜‰ and laughed a lot. But that didn’t stop people from leaving the company as soon as they had a good opportunity. And though the colleagues were luckily great, I yearned for a less hectic life, with less rules and binds. Thus the days were going by, when a fortnight before the new year, I got an email from the research institution saying that I had been shortlisted for the interview. Imagine the shock when it seemed, for once, luck was on my side!! Mostly it is not πŸ˜‰ .

Then started the preparations. Late night studying, updating myself about latest issues in the subject and so on. I remembered my struggle to find a job after marriage due to gap. This time though, I already had a job and if I cracked this nothing was better than that πŸ™‚ . On the day of the interview, they told us we would have to pass a screening test to get selected for interview. One more milestone to be achieved! The test lasted for an hour and they called us after an hour to see the results. Keeping my hopes up, I studied for the interview in that time too. Exactly at the end of the hour, someone came and put up the list of shortlisted candidates. I saw it from the window of my car parked just outside the department, while reading on the laptop. Their seemed to be a big hole in the stomach as I walkedΒ near and near to that list and saw it finally. There it was!!! My name, shortlisted for the interview πŸ˜€ . I couldn’t believe my luck for a moment.

The next hour till the interview went fast and the interview itself went very good. Much smoother than the screening test ironically. And it was the interview that gave me confidence that I would be selected for the post. And so it happened!! Another mail with an appointment letter, five days after the interview. This was a big change because I was switching from professional life to research life, which generally doesn’t happen. It brought drastic changes in the lifestyle and made it much more relaxed than the earlier one. And as on now, I am damn happy to have taken this step.

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29 thoughts on “Start of a new life

  1. Congratulation Saya πŸ™‚ in which field are you going for research?
    it’s like PhD or something else. as you faced gap same thing i am facing now. it’s pain like a hell 😦 when you will listen my story two thing will happen – what the hell were you doing or how the hell , you are alive !!!!
    Best wishes for research life.


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