Love, redefined.

The day had started like any other. Drab. She waited for the day to end even as it barely started. She went about the daily routine that failed to induce any excitement for her, remembering a time that had been filled with happiness and so much hope for the future, so many dreams to be made real. That period seemed a lifetime ago to her now. Slowly but surely, her laughter, content, hope had drained away as she saw no way out of the path she had chosen, no way to break through from it and start anew.

The conversation with him had started like with any other stranger. Sharing non-essential details which then shifted to knowing each other’s views on random topics. She didn’t even know the tiny spark that had generated inside her. All she knew was this one was a bit different than the others she had chatted with. She got curious about him. Wanting to know more than he had shared till then. She searched for him. Found him. Got knocked off her feet by him. His honest face and mischievous smile floored her.

The days started to seem more interesting, especially when he was around. Surprisingly he seemed to genuinely like her too. He went on a step ahead to profess his love for her knowing she couldn’t return it. She wondered how could such a person exist, who wanted nothing in return from her for his love. It broke her knowing the pain it was causing him. It broke her knowing she was the cause for it. And that is when she realized how deeply she had fallen for him. The lengths she would cross to make him happy again n again and to remove his loneliness.

She wondered sometimes if this was a second chance at happiness being offered to her. She generally didn’t bother to ask God to grant her favours. And she didn’t know why he had sent this one into her life. It seemed crazy, their love for each other. It was crazy, the passion they felt for each other. It seemed like a dream the way their paths and hearts had intertwined with each other. But, it was the only thing that had given her hope to think that good things would still come her way. That was the only thing that kept her from drowning when she felt lost and confused by the world around her. When it didn’t make any sense why she should follow the rules, since he made her feel so much complete than anyone else had ever managed to. When he understood her better than anybody else.

But not all decisions can be based on love, can they. It is not only the love for each other but to other close people that kept them away knowing the pain their love would cause to others. And though it felt the toughest decision she had had to take, she knew they would be with each other for a lifetime and more with God’s grace. And that was enough to keep her going on and start living again.


This is a fictional story written for the topic – Look Up Stories


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