100 days of laughter challenge – day 31

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

Yesterday’s incident was literally laughing through the tears. You’ll get to know in a minute why.

Me n hubby were having a fight over some things. The grey matter temperatures had really soared on both the sides. Their was a lull in the fight and I thought about going out to sit on the terrace…to wallow in grief and anger and what not.. 😉 Guess I’m a little dramatic. Anyways, their is a single chair on the terrace and though adjoining the bedroom, it was dark out. I opened the door lock, entered the dark space, breathed in the (just a bit) cold late evening air and sat on the chair…rather in a small pool of water on the chair 😀 .

Yeah…so much for my wallowing!! Couldn’t do that with my xxxx wet now…could I.. You see, hubby had washed the chair just that morning. By washing I think he poured a bucketful of water and didn’t remove it 😉 …and it didn’t dry completely during the day.

Cursing him, I came inside in the room. He heard that and came in to see. Well…lets say I gave him a opportunity for a very good laugh… 😀 which somehow crept into my face too… But I swear it was unknowingly and without my consent. 😉 Anyways, though this happened yesterday, I needed to read this post by Peg to really see the brighter side of today…thanks for that Peg 🙂 .


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