Wars with the mind

from feeling good, to not so much
from a glorious day, to a dull evening
from nothing can go wrong, to is anything right
like a pendulum, moving from one end to other
mind races back and forth, dragging me along
from heights of sunshine, to the depths of night
in the span of hours that seem like seconds
a dizzying combination of myself, makes me wonder
are all these emotions real or a superficial layer
why does it feel like an endless loop
a never ending cycle, of disappointed expectations
and then the real fight begins
of not trying to feel like a worthless fool
the words spill out, trying to comfort
at least their is something you can do
that which is appreciated and admired
so maybe things are not so bad
maybe the chances are not yet lost
maybe there are unexpected turns
maybe I still have something to give
maybe there is a purpose for my existence
and so, I win this day, knowing well
tomorrow the fight may resume again…

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