Endless wait


This is an attempt in writing the Three Word Wednesday challenge. For 3WW Week No. 419, the words are annoyed, hushed and pain. To read other entries, please go here.

He paced in the corridor with mounting impatience. The waiting and not knowing was too intense. Just then, someone came out of the room and he rushed to ask them how she was. The hurried nurse looked up, annoyed at him asking the same question every five minutes.

Another hour passed by. He could see her in pain through the small glass pane. Worrying about her, he paced again till his legs could take no more. Just as he was sitting on the bench, someone came out holding a little bundle.They had a beautiful baby girl!!

His joy went out of bounds for some moments till the nurse hushed him up, laughing at his child-like joy as she handed him the baby, carefully instructing how to hold a baby.


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