When I received my first award – Premio Dardos by Jithin 🙂 , I had been beyond excited. For someone to appreciate my amateur efforts at writing was a very joyous and humbling moment. From then, there have been a shower of awards from my blogger mates time n again. I have tried my best to respond. But lately I have not been very inclined and I think it is not very fair on those who nominate me. So just mentioning some recent nominations whom I’ve been unable to respond…

I might have forgot to mention somebody, apologies for that. Thank you all three of you and everyone else who bothers to read, like and comment on my posts. Your inputs, encouragement and appreciation are highly needed.

However, I am declaring this blog as a No Award Zone 😉 from today. Not because I don’t appreciate them but I am not able to do justice to each one of you nominating me. The interaction we have here is reward enough. 🙂

Have a happy weekend!!


Letting go


Let go the reins
loosen up the mind
small calm breaths
one at a time

Let go the pain
make way for tears
a single sob to free
the lump in throat

Let go the guilt
forgive yourself
accept the way you are
nothing more nothing less

Let go the point
sometime it’s okay to loose
is winning important
or your bond, you choose


What do you do
when uninspired
to write, to feel
when the numbness
of being lonely
surrounded by strangers
seeps to the bones
chilling your heart
on its way
when you realize
how great the need
to talk to people
to have friends
rather than the
polite strangers
is, but you still
do not know how
to shred the masks
yours and their’s
and connect with
the real people
to make new friends
again n again.

When Heaven Plays Dirty



Strange Cross

If you are the prize
gladly will I pay the price.
Heaven help me
the cost ain’t cheap.

This crossroad
is one for the heart.

Ask this question
but once:
is the path
one with heart?

Fate or destiny.
Which will it be?

Fate for the faint of heart.
Destiny for the devil
willing to grasp
that second chance.

“God grabbed me by the balls”, a man could easily have uttered.

Since I am female, i have no idea what the equivalent is.

The gods have multiple ways of calling one’s attention. From subtle to sublime, mind~boggling to mind~blowing, soft to shrill, decent to downright low and dirty, they do play hardball.

Sit up and listen, or pay the price. Either way, the gods will have their say. Heaven will have its way.

Were you in a casino, the house always wins. Your angel can only stand helplessly by…

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