Freedom of Speech For Bloggers

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Scattered Thoughts

Is blogging as a social medium powerful enough to influence people? The answer is YES in bold. Otherwise, why bloggers from  all over the world are facing such traumatic treatments whenever they’re trying to speak their minds? Why the extremist religious organizations are finding naive blog posts so challenging and threatening?

Recently, two bloggers from Bangladesh, Avijit Roy, and Washiqur Rahman Babu, were hacked to death by some people who were continuously opposing their secular beliefs and writings. Avijit Roy used to live in the US and he was well-known as an activist and blogger. He was one of the founders of the blog forum Mukto-mona; a virtual meeting place for freethinkers, where they can write on all sorts of religious and political diktats. Mr. Roy was a regular contributor to the blog. His abhorrence for blind religious faith made some think, that, he might influence others to believe…

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