My music

Something stirs in the heart
pristine and precious
a peace seen rare these days
by pure notes of music adrift
a magic created by masters
filling me in which I drown
forgetting the world around
in harmony with the sound
intertwined with words
that demands barter in emotions
one of our proudest achievements
that doesn’t destroy, only nurtures
like a caress to the soul
like the peace on mother’s lap
like being in your lover’s arms
like the peace in your last rest


7 thoughts on “My music

  1. i am surprised by this video not because i am listening it first time because in this time (u know what i mean ) some other people also like some thing old but true and everlasting 🙂

    at least now i can say i am not alone in this category 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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