Lost victor

It seems the words
are caught up inside
the mind, in a jumbled
mess of emotions, tangled
so much, they cannot
break free into the open
as they always do, when
in the grip of strong
emotion, seems they too
are unwilling to be put
in a string, fearing
what it would mean
so they make me unsure
of how I feel, thereby
safe from being worded,
thus I lose a battle
this time, knowing
I have won
in a way.

Changing seasons

When the silence falls
where you should have been
my heart growing empty
by the echoes of your sound
growing distant each day
realizing with painful clarity
we were not meant to be
and though the heart breaks
soundlessly, it is grateful
for having known you, in person
for the love, given and received
even though, only for a season


I realized
in a moment
of pure clarity
how hard it is
to believe, truly
that someone loves you
letting it sink in
as a fact that will be true
no matter it be day or night
but when it comes to be
that belief, I believe
will buffer your bond
taking the pressures
and garbage of daily life
not letting it seep through
so pay attention to it
refill it time n again
with the brightest of memories
and keep believing


When something vulnerable
in you gets exposed
the fragile state of mind
where imagination gets mixed
and messed up with reality
and you wish, someone
would come and sort it out
for you, knowing just how
troubled you are, but that
someone is a figment of hope
never materializing in the
real world, the tantalizing
glimpses of which we read
in printed words, forgetting
that it is only us who knows
that soft spot, it is only us
that can sew it back as it was,
before the sharp edge of words
made a hole through our armour

Choice of way

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When the living grates on you
petty mean things of close ones
that we try to not mind so much
thinking of the good moments
but they still keep itching
around the consciousness
building up into something
far more dangerous to the relation
in turn making us mean and petty
dwarfing the true person we are
masking our capacity to love
resentments building a confused maze
as we start hating ourselves
unknowingly, for what we have become
but it is never too late
to try and find a way out
purging the mind of its darker self
it is never too late
to start anew on a fresh page
let nobody convince you otherwise
let nobody else have a say
It is your life
Choose your own way

Blurred love

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The blurred lines of my love
give a much clear form
to the expression that remained
hazy and confused till now

The blurred lines of my love
spreads around in a mess
so beautiful it aches my heart
why didn’t I realize it before

The blurred lines of my love
is like a present from Him
knowing how much I have to give
He cut off the shackles, setting me free