Woman power

They say to stay positive
even I say stay hopeful
damn those advice this time
I don’t want to remain sane
as rage engulfs the mind
recoiling at the horror
of yet another inhumanity
in this country I call mine
where being born as a woman
is no less than a crime
we are a country of hypocrites
where a woman can be a goddess
but she is also treated as grime
and the testosterone fueled half
turns from human to an animal
an animal that preys on the weak
with the intention of hurting
just because they think they can
just for the show of power
just because none of these beasts
have yet been made an example of
and that is what we need
an eye for an eye
hit where it hurts
show them
who we women are


13 thoughts on “Woman power

    • I’m not thinking in legal terms here doc..just that women should be brave enough to come forward and teach these bxxxtards a lesson if they are being molested or something…the case in point being the four sportswomen in Kerala who attempted suicide, one out of whom succeeded..

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      • I know that. I was just making an observation. What’s needed for more women to come forward is a drastic change in social response to sexual assault. But when I see how bad the situation is even in the western world, I almost lose hope of that ever happening in India.


      • You know, I’d truly want that to happen. But if history is any guide, people forget every outrage, no matter how horrible and inhuman. I wish it doesn’t happen this time…


      • I hope too doc…but this won’t stop till the women act..rest all is external support..it won’t be for long…the onus is on us if we have to change this disgusting mentality of some men..

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