Intimacy rediscovered

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Meet me
at the end of borders
yours and mine
with an open heart
and the same old smile

Take me
around the walls
yours and mine
into open grassy meadows
we had lost in time

Talk with me
like you really mean to
the way we did
before getting lost
by time n tide

Be with me
as intimate and more
the way it was before
now lined with experience
that which did not break us
will only bring us further close


42 thoughts on “Intimacy rediscovered

  1. A lovely read. If this is typical of your writings, then you seem to have a natural ability to create a flowing river of poetry which captures and offers, to the reader, an emotional response.

    If you have a moment, please visit our (Ray and I) Blog and click the Just Thinking page. It is an experiment (started today) which allows “thinking people” to express themselves and discuss perspectives on life if they so wish. Thx again for sharing your writings.

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  2. Reblogged this on Love, Jeni and commented:
    Reading these beautiful words makes me yearn for the man I love, but who cannot bring himself to take down his own walls and celebrate the beauty and joy of life with me. Thank you for sharing this. It makes my heart happy to read it.

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