A Knight……

🙂 For my bro’s first attempt..think poetry runs in our blood 🙂


The day ends….

A knight walks from the light

Legs dragging the Weight.

Eyes tired of the search

A knight stares into the night

Dead beats announce his weary heart

The mind afraid of the sunset

Confused whether next dawn is a boon or a curse…

A knight walks for the light

Ears tuned to rhythm of despair

Mouth Dawns the chant

‘where is …my light? ‘

A kinght walks in the night

But alas

Blind hands grasps ledge

For a tommorrow a hope in the light….

‘What drives u mad beast?’ night whispers

Nerves of steel answer

Lips invite a defiant smile

A knight walks with the night …

Ps ignore the spelling mobile keypads r clumsy with the autocorrect. To all the knights in my life in my eyes u r my light…a smiley should be Here but I didnt find it 🙂 😉

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