What do you do
when feeling abandoned
by someone you thought cared
enough to see you and not mock
but then left without a single word
to seek new avenues, never looking back
what of that friend whose confidence you won
but didn’t care enough to accompany them
so maybe this time too I was wrong
to trust somebody with my song
to show enough of myself
or was it the reason
for them to
run away


33 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. You ask some very interesting questions! Interesting because so many people yesterday, today, and tomorrow either have asked, or will be asking themselves similar questions. Of course I hope that they can all come up with convincing answers in order to avoid a repeat of the circumstances. Well done.

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  2. Good people who not only promise but actually prove to stay by your side are extinct. Abandonment sometimes feels like a general rule. The only solution I see is to refrain from attaching ourselves with others.


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