Me n her

Somehow as the times pass
minutes turning into days
that turned into years
God knows when
I see my younger self
with the glasses of present
wondering about her choices
chuckling at her problems
fondly seeing her innocence
realizing the difference
two versions, past n present
in b/w lies the passage of time
lined with countless experiences
I try not to let them define myself
some times that is what is needed
not letting past cloud over the present


12 thoughts on “Me n her

  1. Great message in there. The Past can (and should) always be used as a period to learn from, but should never cloud the future. A good application of this is with broken relationships where, it is hoped, something can be learned and applied to new relationships. If you take the heart break from an old relationship and carry it with you, any new relationship will suffer. Nice writing!


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