Choice of way

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When the living grates on you
petty mean things of close ones
that we try to not mind so much
thinking of the good moments
but they still keep itching
around the consciousness
building up into something
far more dangerous to the relation
in turn making us mean and petty
dwarfing the true person we are
masking our capacity to love
resentments building a confused maze
as we start hating ourselves
unknowingly, for what we have become
but it is never too late
to try and find a way out
purging the mind of its darker self
it is never too late
to start anew on a fresh page
let nobody convince you otherwise
let nobody else have a say
It is your life
Choose your own way

6 thoughts on “Choice of way

  1. The last two lines are so important however, with choice comes repercussions. I can isolate myself but can I then accept being alone? I can tell people to accept me the way I am, or not at all, but can I then accept rejection? I can reject the city life, but can I accept the resulting lack of conveniences? Choice is wonderful, but we must be prepared for the consequences of such choices.

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