Fighting tooth n nail
for every inched gain
unending conflicted self
new meanings in old concepts

Fighting with all might
to define what is right
to not let the crowd decide
I may be wrong, but it’s my life



Seeking inspiration
for the words to flow
in the right place
in the right way
to feel the connection
with each word penned
knowing it was a part of me
now exposed for you to see
Seeking inspiration
to blow off this grayness
to push the clouds
that seem to have stayed
see the clear horizon
to mean the things I do
to feel the warmth of smile
that I make appear each day
I am a seeker
in search of my path
I lost on the way.

Unexpected surprises

Some times as if by luck
we meet the nicest of people
those that go out of the way
helping people out of situations
with little self gain
and such rare species they are
it is difficult to believe them
to let go the perpetual doubt
lest we are taken advantage of
for the world is overflowing
with more takers than givers
nothing comes for free here
not even all year round discounts
but some days magic happens
at the oddest of moments
leaving you baffled
not knowing what to do with it
having hardly met generosity
but I believe
it is more than a coincidence
like an unexpected present
to make us believe
their still remain things
that we ought to be grateful for