This day

This day
shall test my courage again
the words casually thrown around
cutting a path, without a sound

This day
shall test my patience again
how much can I forgive
and not feel let down

This day
I turn away from them
not wanting to face again
my tolerance is at an end

This day
I scatter to the winds
the pieces of me that keep hurting
rejoicing the imperfect self that remains


19 thoughts on “This day

    • “Sometimes every day is like this day… ” is surely a contradiction within itself? If every day is like this day sometimes, then (by deduction) there are other times when every day is NOT like this day.
      If we accept the logic of that latter deduction, then “every day” is an inaccurate choice of words for your initial statement.
      Would you care to describe what you were trying to convey with your original statement?


      • I wasn’t going for logical consistency when I wrote it, but thank you for pointing that out. Let’s try to be more logically consistent, shall we?
        Sometimes referred to certain periods of life when every day was like the day described. In and of that period, every day was the same or similar. There might or might not have been other periods when every day wasn’t like the day described. Of course that is only taking into account one person’s life. Multiply that by the total human population and we’d be right in saying that everyday was like said day for someone, somewhere, at every point in time.
        Ok, maybe that was going a bit too far! 🙂


      • As I have noted in other Blogs (re poetry), the decision to be made is whether you are writing for your own pleasure, or whether you want others to enjoy your writings. If the former, then all that matters is that you understand it. If the latter, it can become more difficult. Do you want to reader to understand exactly what you intended, or would you rather allow room for interpretation? If the latter, then there will be individuals who will interpret totally different from your intent. Do you care?

        My preference is to write about something that I am passionate about, and then try and convey that passion to the reader. That will usually entail a preamble which will guide the reader in a specific direction. This is simply my choice however so all these comments are NOT intended as criticism of your poetry.

        I offer these thoughts for you to do with as you wish. Regards. Colin.


      • Oh I don’t mind the questions, but yes, with poetry there always ought to be some room for different interpretations, at least according to me. I wasn’t offended, though that shouldn’t matter when you’re responding to a public comment. I usually try to be clear enough, at other times I’m deliberately vague. I understand your queries and I hope you understand that sometimes the tenor of the comment can be misread online as well, without context or knowledge of the commentator a priori.
        Emotional outbursts, like most poems are, can be a little vague or open to several interpretations. I hope you didn’t feel I was badgering or lashing out at you, that wasn’t my intent. Thanks for commenting. Regards

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      • Agree with you doc..I am open to interpretations of my poems and write for myself.. thank u both for the comments 🙂 quite lengthy ones too 😀


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