The Monster named Religion

Loosing faith on human race
looking at the hatred spreading
in every direction I see
what kind of species are we
that tortures a fellow being
on an illusion of so called faith
a devil by the name of religion
like a virus affecting brain
turning men into maniacs
why is it difficult to understand
at the end we all bleed red
we all are human beings
that is the most basic tie
God, if he does exist at all
never created the boundaries we follow
of land, of resources, of faith,
it is we who created them
it is we who defend them
but at what cost
that’s made us monsters at heart
does anybody realize
this religion will destroy our world

P.S. unfortunately inspired reading the Rohingya genocide..


11 thoughts on “The Monster named Religion

  1. “a devil by the name of religion” – I think that is important to recognize the difference between “religion”, and what man does with it. Religion merely defines a particular belief system and as such cannot influence anything. Man, however, is a very different “story”. It is man, not religion (and by association not God), who chooses to persecute non-believers or believers of a different religion. It is man who uses religion for personal gain. It is so easy to blame “religion” (or God) for the world’s problems but that is quite simply inaccurate. Lay the blame where it should be laid …. on man’s greed; on man’s desire for power; on man’s desire for materialistic wealth.
    “this religion will destroy our world” – It cannot! It is man’s manipulation of it for reasons of personal gain that will destroy our world. The cause of our problems is man and, once you have come to terms with that, ask yourself what your religious belief tells you regarding treatment of others. How are you supposed to treat the less fortunate? How are you supposed to treat different races/cultures/colors? Are you supposed to serve others, or be served by others?
    When you have those answers, then simply compare them to your current lifestyle and make any necessary changes. Honor your religion for the guidance it gives you towards a happy and fulfilling life. I believe I am correct in saying that all mainstream religions preach peace, harmony, understanding and compassion. Let us not lose sight of those teachings.


    • thanks for the comment Colin…but I don’t think religion is needed to follow simple humane rules while living…don’t forget religion was made by man for having to place their faith on something abstract when they feel powerless, and it is the religion which allows for such heinous interpretations that we see committed in the acts of fanatics. this is not just for religion, though this poem was inspired by one. It applies to everything from raceism, casteism, nations fighting for land, resources..when oil becomes precious than lakhs of lives…and so on…religion and belief should be a very personal thing for each and everyone. But everywhere I see, be it ISIS or this Rohingya or so many countless other incidences, religion and beliefs are tried to force down others throat…I simply find it difficult to wrap my brain around the fact that an abstract something as religion is so much more important than people’s lives…

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      • Hi Saya – I agree with most of what you say but there are areas which I believe are being over simplified however, my main issue is with “blaming” religion. When we blame, we lay responsibility. After we have layed responsibility, we can go on with our lives. This is sadly a human “cop-out” of admitting to any responsibility.

        For example: You can blame heavy traffic for making you late for work. Traffic is an abstract and cannot take responsibility and therefore nothing will change.Traffic cannot make you late for work, but you can make yourself late for work by not allowing sufficient time for the expected traffic. If you are late for work, you should take responsibility for it.

        Similarly, it is pointless, and solves nothing, to blame the weather for you having a miserable day. The weather cannot take responsibility for itself however, you can choose to let it affect you…. or not. It is your choice, so if you are miserable, then take responsibility for it.

        Religion is exactly the same. Religion does not kill people. It is man’s interpretation of it that does the damage. There are atheists and agnostics who live very humane lives, but there are also atheists and agnostics who will kill for self gain. It is nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with man’s greed for power and/or money. Man simply uses religion for their own gain. If religion did not exist, those same men would find another way to satisfy their greed.

        Nice “chatting”. 🙂 Colin.

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