I can’t help but reblog these beautiful words…they make me glad I am here…thank you so much choti…

wandering story teller


There are people who do things after thoroughly thinking it through, and then there are those who don’t.

Like most of my spontaneous, unplanned decisions, I set up this blog, as a means to shout in angst, dance with joy, share my life, steal the ones of others to make memories. But little did I know that this place here is a land of people with superpowers to make you feel alright, when you clearly don’t.

This is a tiny tribute to my people here, BabajiPrincipessaMaata jiBehenThe SRK of my blogsoumyaIndian drifterAndyRob and Saya. Along with the many other awesome bloggers out here.

And, all of you are just gold.

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