The tune

The words don’t flow
as easily as before
The thoughts confused
go unexpressed
The mind dwells
in shadows of grey
watching the rainbows
from far far away
days pass by
in a haze of inaction
but on some days
you hear a lovely tune
and you turn to listen
trying to find out
what your spirit recognized
you join in the tune
singing your heart out
celebrating the joy
of finding a kindred spirit
the journey feels worthwhile
again, as you start walking
humming your own song
living your life
rather than passing it by

The initial and gloomy part of this poem was written earlier, but it was not until I read this post by a dear friend that the latter part was inspired. Thank you.


13 thoughts on “The tune

  1. Just ten minutes back, the quote, “Only some live, most are just alive” came to my mind and it made me long to live. It takes effort to be happy when it’s just so much easier to be cynical. And the sentiment has been expressed beautifully through your poem. It resonates in one’s heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

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