The thing about
that emptiness inside
is, not everyone can
keep soldiering ahead
forcing the hole inside
cemented walls of heart
there are some like us
who are outright crippled
unable to move forward
stuck in the looped thinking
coming to the same conclusion
sorting through the mess
that goes for a brain
fruitlessly, with thoughts
popping in the head, that
which shouldn’t have been
thought in the first place
The thing about emptiness
is, it is not understood
by anyone including yourself,
goes undetected by everyone,
but yourself, and that is
the most scary part of it yet.

P.S….inspired after reading this thoughtful post by a fellow blogger friend.


6 thoughts on “Emptiness

  1. Emptiness is definitely not a good feeling. It plagues your very being and it feels like your every thought and emotion has traces of emptiness everywhere. At times, we are left without hope to escape it. Beautiful poem I can certainly feel your words. Keep up the great work!

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