I wonder ..if prayers are heard..when asked for someone..with all might
I wonder ..if faith still remains.. when they go unheard.. for a long time
I wonder long will it be.. till I decide ..praying is futile..
I wonder ..if I will still pray.. selfishly hoping to be heard.. this one time

12 thoughts on “Doubts

  1. Poetry aside, you ask valid questions. Faith is an intangible condition because I can neither prove it has value, nor prove that it doesn’t. A person of very strong faith would probably never question it, but the rest of us???? My own experiences would dictate that Faith is valid and praying is beneficial, but to expect the answers to prayers that we would like can only weaken Faith. To assume that our Higher Power would agree with our assessment of a solution to an issue (i.e. we are on equal terms) is rather arrogant and totally delusional. Faith will be as strong as we are open minded about where, and how, answers to prayers will present themselves. That, in itself, needs Faith.

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