They hide from you
They mock you from afar
They even disappear sometimes
making you wait with despair
leaving a trail of restlessness
and a heart pacing up and down
but in the end they come
giving you tentative hugs
wondering their welcome
so I scoop them up
doing a wild dance of my own
as I settle them in my heart
letting them flow as before
while the fingers tap dance
to a familiar tune
once again.




The rays enter softly
sneaking up on you
as you turn you back
on the ways of world
drowning out voices
with a tune of your own
pouring it in words
so it might leave your soul
that is when they enter
ignoring the ‘keep out’ signs
shining our dark corners
once we fail to recognize
they are gifts
from whom I don’t know
each taking different form
some as words, others as persons
some as music, others as nature
to each their own
but they do exist
for each and every one

Battle of Words


Caught in between
moments of being abandoned
in the fierce struggle
of putting yourself together
of the herculean convincing
to the bruised self esteem
of the loud blaring music
to forget the howls inside
to the anger that has no way out
to the loneliness that eats my heart
to the time that has come to a stop
to the battles that loom all around
I fight with my words
the only weapon that I have

Battles – 3


Do you hear the roar of storm
in my eyes
Do you see the clenched hands
ready for battle
Do you hear the tightness in my voice
keeping away tears
Do you feel the loneliness I try to hide
in my silence
Do you understand how much I need you
even as I turn away
Do you know how strange the world seems
without you beside me
Do you know every minute alone is a battle
for survival
Do you


For the unknowns in this world
for the worlds within this world
for the things not seen but heard
for the things that stirred the heart
for the passions once fought for
for the love that knows no bounds
for the music that gives hope
for the voice that form my words
for all the things dear in this world
here is a shout out
I am coming back
I am not giving up
this fight is over
and I have won.