Of lost faith

In the movie Blood Diamond, Leonardo delivers a very important dialogue, in a touching scene while telling the reporter about the death of his parents. It is late evening or night, a time of day when I believe we are emotionally vulnerable, prone to thinking about past or failures, life in general. So, in the scene, he narrates the how his parents were tortured and murdered when he was just nine years old, and further adds “I wonder sometimes whether God will forgive us for what we have done with each other. Then I look around and I think, God left this place long ago“. A powerful statement. One with which I couldn’t agree more.

Some days back while surfing through the movies on TV, we accidentally got to watch a quite brilliant but gut-wrenching movie named – A dry white season – about the Apartheid that was enforced in South Africa from 1948 to 1998. Half a century of racial segregation against the social and civil rights of a group of people. The movie revolves around a Caucasian history professor who has his eyes opened to how these people are treated and decides to do something about it. His wife however thinks that this country was made by the Afrikaans and hence they have the right to enjoy it. Implying at the same time that she wants to go on blindly living her life and ignoring the things going on around her. Try getting used to that thought. Why do we forget that irrespective of the caste, creed, gender, religion, race and any damn parameter you can think of to differentiate, we all are human beings in the end….or I should probably say in the first place. Rest all the differentiation is unnecessary if it turns us into monsters.

Then their is the Rohingya crisis, Islamic State crisis…no dearths of crisis in our world, I guess.

So here is my crisis of faith. I do believe that their is a higher power. But I don’t believe that it is their in our world watching over us anymore, probably disgusted by the way we as a species have turned out to be.


34 thoughts on “Of lost faith

  1. I have to disagree with your final paragraph, While it is a very common (and understandable) sentiment, it overlooks the fact that we were given the ability to make choices ……… both good and bad. If that right was taken away from us, we would be nothing more than automatons following a predetermined plan.

    We do however have choices which have proved invaluable in many areas, and despicable in others. While many people get angry at their Higher Power for allowing such events (disease, accidental death, greed, genocide, war etc. etc. etc.), perhaps they should feel sadness. Imagine creating children and then seeing how badly many of them turn out!

    Having had two children both of whom presented many challenges, I am very familiar with the “tough love” concept. This states that you don’t have to love what they do, but you can still love them for who they are i.e. separate the person from the deed.

    I can well imagine that my God is extremely well acquainted with tough love.

    Just some thoughts.

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    • thanks for putting your thoughts here Colin..but tell me, if any your children behaved badly would you just look and ignore or try to correct the situation..I’m not talking about love here..I’m saying if he exists and if he does why does he allow this to go on..

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      • That is a very good question Saya. Both my children behaved badly and my points really are: a/. I could not reverse the situations. b/. I can show them a better way for the future. c/. I cannot force them to listen or apply. It is not that I allow them to repeat their mistakes, but rather I cannot prevent them as well as give them freedom of choice. The major issue (to me) is do you want the freedom of choice to make decisions?


      • Your thoughts are great in theory but what is a large mass? What is negative? How is irreversible determined? Was Caesar a hero for building the Roman Empire, or was he a murderer for the way he did it? It becomes very subjective.
        Our freedom of choice has allowed us to create laws of behavior, and allowed countries to unite for a cause. God has already given us all the tools necessary, but if we misuse them we reap the consequences.
        It would not have been realistic to tell my children “you can make these mistakes because they are small, but you cannot make these other mistakes because they are big” and expect it to solve all the problems. They either have the freedom to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them, or they have no freedom.
        If you chose to believe that God has abandoned you, then that is your choice. I am convinced to the contrary……… that is my choice.


      • negative is quite clearly defined in the issues that I have spoken about….I don’t think their can be any two opinions on what is negative about apartheid etc..anyways, it is a matter of faith again, so agreeing to disagree..


      • It is always about faith, and faith is directed by perspective.
        Was WWII a positive event because it blocked the ruthless expansion of the German empire, or was it negative because of the many that died?
        Was the invention of the internal combustion engine a positive because it improved the standard of living of so many people, or a negative because the resulting pollutants are eroding our atmosphere?
        Is God abandoning us, or is He making us confront the consequences of our actions in the hope that we will learn and grow from it?

        Saya: I have many demands on my time and so this will be my final Post on this topic. I really do understand your position in that when I was in my late teens/early twenties, I was trying to make sense of the USA/USSR “Cold War” and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. I was also trying to make sense of the Vietnam War. For the record, I never could make sense of either of those events, but events in the future did change my perspective or rather (to be more precise) showed me that my original focus on all the bad stuff going on should be offset by the good stuff going on. I wish you all the best in your “journey” and will very happily pray that you receive guidance as/when it is deemed necessary. Take care, and I shall look forward to reading your future Posts!


  2. The Upanishads ask, “Why is it that Brahma made this world and leaves it so? If, being all powerful he leaves it so, he is not good. And if not all powerful, he is not god.”
    So you aren’t the first person faced with this existential crisis. It’s an ancient problem. All those who keep quoting “god moves in mysterious ways”, please open your eyes and look around you. Take a long, hard look. If possible, take you rose-tinted glasses off.
    I actually tried googling the particular Upanishad that contains this quote, but according to Google, I’m the only one who has put this online! Yei me! 😀


  3. You Are One With All That Is

    This world is your own reflection. People reject this because it puts the burden back on them. Criticizing an external world is so much more convenient.

    Deluded by ignorance into identifying himself with a specific body, a human regards own self as an insignificant, powerless individual of limited capacity. If it is said to him that he is the Creator of the Whole Universe, he will reject the idea, finding it too absurd or impossible.

    Yet, If he should dust away all limiting identifications of his mind, then, he will see “I am”. He will see that he has not just two hands, but uncountable hands in this Universe.


    (I hope you won’t moderate this comment… just because these words didn’t come from a westerner)


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