Learning curve of love

She handled herself roughly
harsh bruising words, for
every decision gone wrong
for things she had wanted
but her daring fell short
the mirror reflected failures
showing her paths she didn’t take
regretting over her choices
those now couldn’t be undone

She knew she was worth more
but to herself she couldn’t prove
the mind reminded her of flaws
heart struggling in the dark
against this constant onslaught
she warred with herself thus
some lost badly, some barely won
went on, till one day she understood
the shadows and sunshine make her whole
it is herself, she must learn to love


Some tough times

the daily struggles
overwhelm us in thinking
their is no option left
no doors open for our dreams
decisions go awry
once felt meant to be
but now dragging us into a pit
making us feel a worthless being
everything is in the mind
the demon of overthinking
if not restrained in time
negates everything in sight
my words are stuck
getting anything positive out
from the mess going on inside
is a struggle already lost
the only peace of mind
is to focus on simple things
just to feel somewhat accomplished
even if it’s as small as cooking a meal
But these are just some times
Rest of the time
We Rock