Rainbow of life

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My words bind him
weaving emotions intricately
in a tapestry of our memories
golden waves for joyous times
dotted spikes of jealous green
passionate red splashed throughout
tender love blended in pink
strong yellow resembles friendship
supporting bleak grey moments of doubt
layers of memories intertwined
gradually forming a rainbow
of our life



Our bond
has seen all seasons
passed rough weather
tested to its limit
twisted with words
hurt with pain
soaked with tears
lashed to with anger
tugged at seeking forgiveness
wrapped around us with love
matured with each day
kinder after each fray
surrendering vulnerable bits
taking strength from memories
the connection goes deeper now
awareness grows firm roots
with each passing day
we will find sanctuary
in each other
with time and love
paving the way

Black holes

Some moments in life
turn into black holes
sucking in all the hope
when we hide our faces
for these moments
they reveal our story
our struggles
our fallen dreams
our worst fears
our eyes filled with tears
when masks are broken
and control is lost
when we don’t even attempt
to gather back our pieces
just wait for the storm to pass