Today I would like to share a fellow blogger and friend’s work here. She has a fine fashion sense and has recently started a career in music. I have very less idea about English music, but her voice in the song below is awesome. So I would like you guys to hear it and share if you like it 🙂 . It will help promoting her and after hearing her voice, I think it’s definitely worth it 🙂 . So here comes – Andrea Valentina & her Song

I hope you all like it.

That is all for today. Have a good day. 🙂



कुछ शब्द

कुछ शब्द अपने ही थे
नुकीले से लगे बाद में
लहू निकल जाये जिसको लगे
जम गए हमेशा के लिए
काला सा एक निशान बनके

कुछ शब्द अपने ही थे
जिससे अपनोंपे ही वार किये थे
रिश्तों की नाजूक सी डोर को
खींच खींच के उलझाये थे

कुछ शब्द अपने ही थे
जिससे खुदको ही घायल पाया था
लफ़्ज़ों के इस खेल में, अब सोचते हैं
हार जाते तो बेहतर होता



Why does it always believe
our heart that is
all bruised n bleeding
for the umpteenth time
but still it peers around
from the corner, half-hidden
afraid to show itself
it still has to go for the candy
other times its an angry kid
all sullen, locked up and bolted
no one is allowed to close the space
impossible things, these hearts
we grow up, but they stay young
all trusting innocence
though sometimes I feel
that is exactly and the only thing
that keeps us human


I am a Protector
of my values
of gender equality
of religious tolerance

I am a Seeker
of kindness in others
of justice for powerless
of truth in this democratic mess

I am a Soldier
refusing to sit like a weak fool
refusing to be the one protected
refusing to surrender my freedom

I am just a someone
with rebellious thoughts in head
angry at being born to feel out of place
in this world of hatred and farces

I am a human-being
with a part to play in ecosystem
a part that seeks to nurture, not destroy
a part to share our planet equally

The Onus is on ME