100 days of laughter challenge – day 31

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

Yesterday’s incident was literally laughing through the tears. You’ll get to know in a minute why.

Me n hubby were having a fight over some things. The grey matter temperatures had really soared on both the sides. Their was a lull in the fight and I thought about going out to sit on the terrace…to wallow in grief and anger and what not.. 😉 Guess I’m a little dramatic. Anyways, their is a single chair on the terrace and though adjoining the bedroom, it was dark out. I opened the door lock, entered the dark space, breathed in the (just a bit) cold late evening air and sat on the chair…rather in a small pool of water on the chair 😀 .

Yeah…so much for my wallowing!! Couldn’t do that with my xxxx wet now…could I.. You see, hubby had washed the chair just that morning. By washing I think he poured a bucketful of water and didn’t remove it 😉 …and it didn’t dry completely during the day.

Cursing him, I came inside in the room. He heard that and came in to see. Well…lets say I gave him a opportunity for a very good laugh… 😀 which somehow crept into my face too… But I swear it was unknowingly and without my consent. 😉 Anyways, though this happened yesterday, I needed to read this post by Peg to really see the brighter side of today…thanks for that Peg 🙂 .


100 days of laughter challenge – day 30

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

Its been quite sometime since I wrote this one…and this is a gem of an episode.. 😀 just thinking about it makes me laugh at myself. So, we i.e. me n hubby came back from some grocery shopping and were about to go to our home, that is when I remembered that I had seen one of my favourite tree known as Prajakta or Parijatak (known as Night-flowering jasmine) in our society compund. The flowers bloom at night and they have a lovely fragrance..here is a pic…lovely aren’t they..


So, I dragged hubby to the place to show it to him as well as hoping I might find a fallen flower or two to take home 🙂 . But no such luck! Even after shaking the tree a bit!! Anyways, I started towards the lift when hubby told me to go home alone saying he had remembered some work. So I took the key, entered the lift. The first thing I noticed was that their was some soft music playing in the lift which is absent normally. Wondering about it a bit, I got out at our floor noticing then that the door of the lift had to be pulled with more force than I normally have to. Just then my attention went to our side of the flat. On every flat their are four flats, and our side had someone’s shoe rack!! Just that morning we had shifted our shoe rack from out to inside the flat. So my first thought was, it was the neighbor’s shoe rack. Then I got annoyed thinking why couldn’t they use the space in front of their flat and also thought about asking them immediately. But thinking better I thought to first enter our home, when a new surprise waited there. Our door had a latch and a lock. This one had just latch!! Now I was thoroughly confused as to what had happened…even mentally checked if I got down on the correct floor (I tend to confuse floors b/w our many homes and offices.. 😀 ). But the floor was right!! Finally I decided it better to go down and wait for hubby.

Just as I got out of the lift, he was there… laughing like crazy. Then I realized…I had gone in the other wing of the same building which is like a mirror image of this one 😀 😀 . And the rogue had realized my mistake and still didn’t stop me… Above that he says..I should’ve been on the other side (that is our wing) just to see your expression..and I’m like yeah..now you see if you get to enter the house 😀

100 days of laughter challenge – day 29

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

Sometimes the silliest of jokes starts the laughing. As if the brain needs to rejuvenate from all the pressure being put on it daily. Today, it was a PJ on watsapp about a husband and wife. I am shameslessly translating and duplicating it here though probably many of you might’ve read it. Messages on watsapp do go around like wild fire. Here it goes:

[Insert lots of smileys before the joke actually starts] (its like those comedy shows which have fake laughter in the background after every dumb joke they make)…

So anyways, let me start again…(I’m not going to insert those smileys again..don’t worry ;))

Wife to husband: I love you….I can’t live without you….I will die…drink poison…in your love… (…just realized I’m a worst translator…anyways…)

Husband to wife: Do as you think fit my dear…

Guess, he must be the most obedient husband in the world 😀 😀

Thats how husbands are !!?? 😀

100 Days of laughter challenge – Day 28

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

I was sitting in office and doing some work …really this time 😉 , when their was a ping indicating some new mail had been received in the mailbox. There was a mail from my boss (about whom I have written in two posts earlier.). The title read that I had to give a training about some topic to one of my new colleagues by so n so date. I opened the mail to read it further and waited for the content to appear. Nothing!! The mail was blank. So, confused, I asked to another colleague who was marked in the mail. He too confirmed the same.

In short, our boss had written all he had to convey to us, in the title of the mail… not bothering to write anything in the actual mail (no text..no signature..no regards :D) !!  How lazy one can be… 😉 😀

100 days of laughter challenge – Day 27

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

I was sitting at my workplace and doing some work. No..its not obvious..sometimes I don’t do work at the workplace 😉 ..Anyways I was working and their was some conversation going on among two colleagues. Bits of it falling on my ear and getting registered in the brain automatically. Here is the excerpt of what happened as a result of my half hearing.. 😀

C1 (colleague 1): ….he took off with the finger of the mahut (Rider of elephant ..as said in India)

C2: ….yeah similar incident happened in North-east..

Now my ears were fully cocked to what they were talking… focus on work lost 😉

Me: Who took off with the finger…elephant (confused me..thinking how can an elephant take off a small finger…convinced myself thinking sometimes the elephant goes crazy n all)

C1: not the elephant…the tiger..

Me: what tiger..

C1: [Explaining the whole incident fully] The mahut was on the elephant when tiger attacked from behind…leapt over the elephant and the mahut barely missed the attack, though losing his finger in the process..Der is a whole video on it..

Me: Oh..thats what I was thinking..how can elephant manage to bite a small finger..

C1: [grinning at me] very smart!!

I had no reply to that 😀 other than well laughing at his smartass comment…this is what half hearing leads too 😀 😉

100 days of laughter challenge – Day 26

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

Our maid, whom I’ve introduced to you guys in an earlier post, came at 8.30 am today. After completing work of our house, she goes to my neighbour’s house next door. Now, their is no doorbell on both our houses and she has to bang the door to let us know. We are up already and getting ready for office. But sometimes the girl next door is either not up or doing something else so that she doesn’t hear the door. Thus the maid has to go back to some other house in different society and return here after the girl calls her later 😀 . The maid has complained about this to me many times and we had a good laugh at the time.

So, coming back to today, she completed her work and left around 9.00 am. And we left for office around 10 min later, only to find her sitting outside the neighbour’s door 😀 . On being asked why, she answered I cannot afford to waste time coming twice for one work which is very true. But the sight of her sitting outside the door, reading the neighbour’s newspaper that they hadn’t picked up yet, was damn funny 😀 …to us and to her too.. 🙂

100 Days of Laughter challenge – Day 25

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

I was at Mom’s place to attend a friend’s wedding reception. We were talking to my bro who lives near to my place in Mumbai. Mom was telling him about the gajar halwa (sweet cuisine) that she was sending for him through me. He lives in hostel, so ..you know how Moms feel for their children living away and eating hostel food 😉 . So my bro demands to send some more snack items too along with that. Now dad had already gone out to buy something, so we call him to tell about his son’s demands 😀 . So bro has asked to send laddoos which is conveyed to Dad. He asks in return which flavour and lists four of them. So we have two people talking on two mobiles. Five minutes pass like this, both of us acting as messengers 😀 . Finally a bit irritated, we join the two mobiles and tell them to go ahead and talk to each other… 😀 And they are like hello hello…can’t hear…hello… After two minutes, we give up and talk separately. I tell bro about our brilliant idea which didn’t work…when he says…you should have kept it on loudspeaker..how else will it work… 😀 God..we laugh and laugh at my peabrain till my belly aches with all that laughing…and still I can’t stop it 😀