Multitasking – a daily conundrum

Multitasking is an ability to work on different projects simultaneously. We see it every day around us and sometimes we are part of it too. Take for example,  the teenager listening to songs while driving his bike,  an office-goer having conversation on phone while driving his car or a mother trying to complete all the morning chores while getting her kids ready and reach office on time. We convince ourselves that by doing two or more things at once,  we will accomplish more and have some free time or more time to do other things.

But does this really happen. Are our brains that much charged or active to make it possible. Are we capable of keeping them that way continuously. For me as well any other forgetful person whose brain has developed the ability to poof important ongoing things from the mind, the answer should be a resounding NO.

The pressure to complete things quickly can have minor or major consequences of which there is no need to give example. From a mother’s point of view, with kids around,  our focus cannot be divided into ten different directions. This is something that needs constant everyday, every hour reminding because it is very easy to fall into a habit of multitasking. What follows is a distracted,  unfocused mind and frustration because we have multiple incomplete work pending. Which follows doubts on our competency and guilt that we couldn’t accomplish more.

I recently read in a blog that doing single thing at a time with full focus is a losing art. I believe it should be an intentional choice everytime we start falling in the habit of multitasking, so much so that single-tasking becomes a habit.

Any thoughts would be welcome.



Small joys

Do we laugh less as we grow up? Enjoy less? Listen to our favorite music less? In my experience, yes. Our experiences, choices, circumstances weigh us down. Even trivial things like daily commute to work, weather, minor disagreements with spouse, a snarky comment by colleague which otherwise we sort out easily, then seem big. Some days are like that. Grey through n through. 

In those times, a joke,  a favorite song, an inspirational quotation, a personal text from close but haven’t talked in ages kind of friend, a romantic one from your spouse,  can act as a single ray of joy.  It turns the whole day around. Problems don’t seem big anymore and we can let go some negative thoughts without overthinking. It has happened with me countless times. Think we should stock small joys like these for such days in advance. 

Any thoughts? 



As we grow into adulthood, accepting changes or rather embracing them whole-heartedly gets difficult. One thing I am getting to know in this new journey is to expect changes. Changes in your child’s behavior, diet, likes or dislikes, changes of routine and a thousand other things. And this change is dynamic. All of this reminds me of the book – Who moved my cheese. A simple story explaining a powerful principle. Change.

Any thoughts..

New beginnings


This will be my first post in a long time. From old friends to new ones who have liked and followed my blog, hey to all. 🙂 Hope you have been having a splendid journey here in the meanwhile. As for me, I’m in for a merry-go-round running behind an active little one. 😀 Poetry days seem like some faraway dream. Maybe they will come back to me when I have some peace and quiet. Till then, prose it is. Those who read this, do share what’s up with you all.