The quiet center of us

How we forget this in the daily struggles of life…lovely poem…

Emerging From The Dark Night

There is a quiet place

at the centre of things

that wants to nurture

and protect us

to love us.

Can we silence our

wounded, doubting, restless mind

long enough

to listen

to seek the quiet

and rest in it?

Body you need me to listen

you are the container

of my soul

of all that is sacred

and holy

and you hold

deep within your cells

the muted truth

the mind became deaf to

so many years ago

and which we so badly need to hear

in order to become whole

to heal

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Simple Things

Beautiful post…


simplicity-begins-in-us“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.” ― Henry David Thoreau

Simple. Such a word has so many meanings. The word itself speaks to the heart in a way that not many others can. But what does it mean to exist in this frame of thought? How do we embrace the simple sphere?

When I hear this word spoken I think of comfort, a perfect blend of life and spirit. I think of a time when not a care in the world invaded my mind. I think of youth, of carefree days when my only concerns were dreams.

I recall one time in particular near the age of eight, sitting and watching life as it happened just beyond my driveway.

Our house sat at the foot of an upward rolling landscape…

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Today I would like to share a fellow blogger and friend’s work here. She has a fine fashion sense and has recently started a career in music. I have very less idea about English music, but her voice in the song below is awesome. So I would like you guys to hear it and share if you like it 🙂 . It will help promoting her and after hearing her voice, I think it’s definitely worth it 🙂 . So here comes – Andrea Valentina & her Song

I hope you all like it.

That is all for today. Have a good day. 🙂



I am a Protector
of my values
of gender equality
of religious tolerance

I am a Seeker
of kindness in others
of justice for powerless
of truth in this democratic mess

I am a Soldier
refusing to sit like a weak fool
refusing to be the one protected
refusing to surrender my freedom

I am just a someone
with rebellious thoughts in head
angry at being born to feel out of place
in this world of hatred and farces

I am a human-being
with a part to play in ecosystem
a part that seeks to nurture, not destroy
a part to share our planet equally

The Onus is on ME

Fall from grace


the_caveI see you

with all the hope

and the oblivion you give

Yet you seem perfect to me

I remember you

a eternal peace

For the emptiness I want

Yet now you are a stranger

I am stuck with your thoughts

I love you

With all the sanity left

I see a sense

In shadows

The home, I left

I sense your call

the need of a touch

Yet I am bound

To the pagan light

I am, a child of night

light is prison for my soul

I want you

To accept me

with all the change

as I realize its not your fault

I need to accept

the fall

from grace

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