Love, forever

The voice mutes
in a silent offering
of belief
by a non-believer

The tears speak
in silent eloquence
of a wait
that needs to end

The fingers move
in silent synchrony
weaving words
of a tale of love

The hearts beat
in silent harmony
knowing well
this love is forever


The Road


There was once a road..
An imaginary wonderful road..
A magical road..
It took you where you wanted to be..
Whether to be with someone..
Or to be just yourself..
Or to be something besides yourself..
Anything was possible..
Anything was achievable..
When you were on this road..
Then sometime along the way..
this road started disappearing..
Slowly but gradually..
One by one..
Things became difficult..
Things felt impossible..
And then I realized I had finally grown up..
Became an adult..
And not in a better sense too..
So sometimes I let things go..
To be a little crazy..
To be a little childish..
To still believe in the magic of life
So that that road does not vanish altogether..

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I realized
in a moment
of pure clarity
how hard it is
to believe, truly
that someone loves you
letting it sink in
as a fact that will be true
no matter it be day or night
but when it comes to be
that belief, I believe
will buffer your bond
taking the pressures
and garbage of daily life
not letting it seep through
so pay attention to it
refill it time n again
with the brightest of memories
and keep believing


The silence feels like graveyard
A graveyard to bury my expectations
The expectations that didn’t get fulfilled
From a love that came with instructions
The instructions that I failed to read
The failure that is a wall between you n me
The wall which won’t break however I try
The wall which you don’t seem to mind
The disregard that tears me apart
The trust, you won’t leave me alone
The belief, you were my home
And yet here I am today, homeless
Thinking of a future that seems bleak
With or without you in my life
Having lost my way to home
For now.